“This is an end to injustice” ?

Photo accessed from: http://she2i2.blogspot.com/
The photo above was taken in late January 2011, five days after the the start of what became the Egyptian Revolution.  The graffiti on the back of this beaten truck bed reads, “This is an end of injustice.”   The uprising was mostly a campaign of nonviolent civil resistance, in which millions of protesters from a variety of socioeconomic classes and religious backgrounds gathered  together to demand justice, freedom, and an end to Hosni Mubarak’s 30 year regime.  It has been exactly  7 months since Mubarak stepped down from power last February 11th, but the question of whether or not Mubarak’s fall also means an end to injustice in the region has gone largely unanswered.  The country still faces many demographic and economic challenges and is home to a long history of  government corruption. So, on this 7 month anniversary of Mubarak’s fall it is important to ask if this revolution has actually produced freedom for the country and brought an end to injustice for its citizens.  For the Egyptian people the answer for this question lies in a future still to come.



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