An ugly fact about Egypt’s stats…

I think this is a great article. Please take a look at it:

The politics of Egypt’s feeble statistics

In Egypt the state has a virtual monopoly on data, which effectively stops public debate about government decisions

The article talks about the first UN World Statistics Day that took place almost a year ago (20/10/2010)

The author said: “The report spoke of an epidemic of ineptitude among researchers and experts, and the scale of the deficiencies was horrifying, if not altogether surprising” in regards to what was found in the 2010 Egypt stats.

Off course my favorite part is that the author actually mentions something…. something about the religious issues that non-muslims face in Egypt, more specifically the Coptic community: “There are also some issues the Egyptian government (and others like it) would rather not talk about – and having no statistics is as good an excuse as any for shuffling them under the carpet. Sectarian tensions are one example that is considered too sensitive for thorough analysis. Egypt has no official statistics for the number of Christians among its citizens, though the total plainly runs into the millions. There is also a lack of government data on sectarian hotspots (though one Egyptian website has recently taken on the task itself).”

Enjoy the article…. and lets see what this year’s UN World Statistics Day has to offer 😉


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