Egypt – Country profile of human development indicators

The Human Development Report is a well known measure for those of us concerned  with national and international development studies. For the last twenty years the Human Development Report has published the Human Development Index (HDI) which has provided an alternative to orthodox measures, namely economic, of national development, such as level of income and the rate of economic growth. “The HDI represents a push for a broader definition of well-being and provides a composite measure of three basic dimensions of human development: health, education and income.”
In Egypt,Between 1980 and 2010,  HDI rose by an average of 1.5% annually from 0.393 to 0.620 today.  The country is currently ranked  101 out of 169 countries with comparable data. This places Egypt above the regional average of Arab States, the ranking of which is 0.590.
Egypt’s HDI report can be accessed at:
A full PDF of Egypt’s most recent HD report (2010) can be downloaded here:
Included below are some of the major figures from these reports.


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