Egypt’s Resources

“The natural resources of Egypt mainly refer to the oil and gas of Egypt. The oil reserves of Egypt draw huge annual revenues from its export profits. There are of course other natural resources as well. These include iron ore, phosphate, limestone, manganese, talc, zinc, asbestos and gypsum. However, the analysis of the Egyptian natural resources would remain incomplete without the consideration of those resources, which had been bringing prosperity to the land of Egypt in the ancient times of Pharoic domination.” (

Oil and Gas

“The natural resources of Egypt are mainly concentrated on the oil and gas in Egypt. North Africa, in recent times, has been rediscovered for new oil field and the nations of Libya and Egypt are the owners of these oil fields. The oil reserves in Egypt, previously amounted to 3.7 million barrels, which has increased to 8.2 million barrels. ”

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“The bees of Egypt play an important role in the economy of Egypt as a great source of honey and wax. These two are very important commercial products in Egypt.”

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