I am Coptic Orthodox by conversion, and PROUD of it!

It makes me very sad to see what has been happening in Egypt for the past few days, yet, it did not start during this past Sunday. The attacks against Copts are as old as the conquest of Arabs in Egypt.

I feel free to share some videos and images for you to learn about what is really going on. Is not about just 25 Copts dead in the past 2 days; is about more than 50 Copts killed by Egyptian military forces.

Us, Copts, we are going to fast for the next three days (Oct. 11- Oct 14) as an answer to what is going on in Egypt. We honor the Martyrs that have died in the past days.

  • Video by the Coptic Channel
  • Article and Video by FOX


  • Christian Coptic Martyrs (YOUTUBE Page)


  • The FREE Copts website:



***GRAPHIC Image*** taken from http://www.voiceofthecopts.org/news/egyptian-salfi-army-killing-copts/


Listen, I am sorry to be sharing so many graphic images and such cruel information….. but guess what??? CNN would NEVER show you the entire complete picture of what is really going on! None of the Western news channels would ever do it….


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