“Egypt moves to pacify Christians after deadly riots”

The following article shows what some could consider a “positive” step towards a less sectarian Egypt.

After meetings between Pope Shenouda III and different military and political actors from Egypt, it seems like there is new hope for the Coptic community of Egypt.

I believe that in a country seeking “democracy” after a revolution that lead to the resignation of a president that stood in power for 30 years, it is just fair enough that the Christians of Egypt are granted the right of building new churches for them to be able to “freely” worship just like the Muslim majority does.

But forget about the churches; how about hate crimes? “genocide” acts, and equal treatment to all Egyptians?

What Copts in Egypt need is not a license to build new churches, what they need is to be considered equal citizens of Egypt that are not going to be degraded to second degree citizens because of their beliefs. But Copts need, is to be able to reach out to government positions, higher income rates, and the right to get educated in their own nation. Yet, this is just my opinion. ….. By the way: where are Human Rights Watch in this entire incident? I mean, Egypt is not that small, neither that infamous!



Link to article:


Egypt moves to pacify Christians after deadly riots

Cairo, Egypt (PANA) – Egypt is planning to enact a law that will make it easier for Christians to open churches while also granting official licences to existing ones, in a move to pacify Christians following a recent sectarian violence in the north African nation.

As part of the plan, the Egyptian Cabinet is to ratify a law facilitating the establishment of churches, especially the opening of churches closed by the former regime and the resumption of construction work which was halted under the old order.

On Monday, Premier Essam Sharaf met with a church delegation to discuss the law.

Also, head of the country’s interim ruling military authorities, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, on Monday met with Pope Shenouda III, head of Egypt’s Coptic Christian Orthodox Church.

Tantawi told Pope Shenouda that he would make sure all problems relating to churches are dealt with promptly, after several churches were attacked in the past few months in the country.

Church sources described the meeting as cordial and positive, especially concerning the recent violence in Maspero, Cairo.

Twenty seven people, mostly Coptic Christian protesters, died and more than 300 protesters and military police were injured, in clashes near Egypt’s state television building on 8 Oct.

Tantawi expressed his condolences to the Pope and promised that ongoing probe of the violence would be pursued to the end.

Christians make up roughly 10% of Egypt’s population, which is predominantly Sunni Muslim.

Coptic Orthodox Christians make up the majority of Christians in Egypt, where Protestants,Catholics, Maronites and other sects also exist.
-0- PANA MI/SEG 25Oct2011

25 october 2011 09:37:01

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