What the media does not want you to know in regards to Egypt’s massacre of Copts

To know that the Egyptian media manipulates the information that comes out of the events that take place in Egypt is no new news to me. But having to admit that “our Western” media does not a good job in transmitting the information event though known, I still feel that is unacceptable.

Western media, I believe, has the means to reach out to places and information of tremendous value. Knowing that Western media bases its information on whatever if provided by the Egyptian media leaves us with little to no information. The validity of the information provided by Western media in regards to the “massacre” against Christian Copts in Egypt is somehow irrelevant once we find out that the incidents against Copts and not isolated but on the contrary, more common that we can imagine.

For valid information on the Maspero incident that ended with the killing of more that two dozen Copts, please read the following article published in Hudson New York by Raymond Ibrahim.

To Read the original article, please follow the link: http://www.hudson-ny.org/2544/egypt-massacre-christians-media


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