Are Elections Going to be fair with Egypt’s Minorities?

My opinion…


It is difficult to speak of fairness towards minorities when Islam itself speaks of any member belonging to a minority as a second class citizen. In a Muslim majority, and with recent events based on Islam radicalization, the fairness of the parliamentary elections taking place in Egypt seem like a remote idea that despite its reality, does not discourage communities like the Coptic from voting and making their voices count.

But now, is worth asking, for whom would minorities vote? If majority of candidates belong to that Islamic majority previously mentioned, then what are the voting options for minorities? Here the fairness in null, and it leaves minorities with no choice but to vote for whomever they consider less radical among radicals!?

Well, good news! There is a voting block for Christians: Egyptian Bloc alliance.

***But, here is an “specialist’s” point of view in regards of what the results might bring, and how the Egyptians perceive the elections so far. Full article here.***

Diana R.


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