Copts fear election results!

Here is an interesting audio report from Alexandria, Egypt.

The reporter, Soraya Nelson, speaks of the uncertainty that Copts reflect through their opinion about the results that current elections are going to bring.

Copts, who feel encouraged to go and make their vote count, do not seem to have enough hope because regardless of the results, most likely the results will aim for a new Islamic government that would continue to discriminate minorities like them.

To listen to the audio report go to:


Here is a glimpse to understand how the elections will work. Reuters prepared a useful yet very basic article to understand how the parliamentary election process is going to take place, and what are the expectations from the first free parliamentary elections to take place after 30 years of Mubarak’s regime. Click here for a very informative article.


Here is a glimpse of who would be running for the parliamentary elections. Very useful links:



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