Mubarak, OUT! Protests, IN!

So, why do we still see protests taking place in Egypt, and Tahrir Square filled with camping tents?

Well, an article from CNN gives some of the reasons as to why the Egyptians do not want to give up in their search for a fair government, more opportunities, and a better Egypt.

The article is from a few months ago, yet… it seems that the ony thing that has changed since the publication of the article is that parliamentary elections were held.


Among recent events, there is no doubt that police and military brutality have increased in recent months. It is important to remember one of the reasons why protesters took Tahrir Square: Police brutality and their lack to protect Egypt’s citizens.

Despite the videos and pictures that show what really happens in daily Egyptian protests, no one seems capable of taking responsability for the actions committed by either the police or the military of Egypt.

In an article from November 23, 2011 and published by Israel National News, were posted videos showing real events that took place in the streets of Cairo, Egypt.