Egypt’s Political Turmoil Drives Foreign Tourists Away

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An article published today by NPR’s  discusses the turbulent post-revoultion economic atmosphere faced  by workers in one of Egypt’s largest industries: tourism. Before the revolution, the article explains, one in every 7 Egyptians worked in the tourism industry. Unfortunately, that industry has been hit hard as a large percentage of foreign tourists are steering clear from the country’s post revolution atmosphere.  Egypt has a population that exceeds 82 million, that means this slowdown has the potential to affect over 11 million jobs in the country.  Tourism in the country has dropped 35 percent overall since January compared to the same period in 2010, which accounts for an approximate $3 billion loss for the Egyptian economy.  This drop in economic activity is an unfortunate consequence of the revolution, which had economic grievances, including unemployment, at the heart of its origins.